Cleanroom Testing & Validation

Typically carried out upon completion of construction & commissioning of Plant & Clean Room envelope – Space Industries carry out a Validation to the ‘As Built’ state prior to tendering the final account.

Thereafter either our client would normally re-validate to the ‘At Rest’ condition & finally the ‘Operational’ condition. We can undertake these additional visits if required, though specific equipment & operational influences mean that it is difficult to fix their durations, and therefore their costs.

ISO 14644-3: Methods of evaluation and measurements

Part 3 – Metrology and test methods:

  1. Airborne particle count for classification of the installation and test measurement
  2. Airflow test
  3. Air pressure difference test
  4. Installed filter system leakage test
  5. Flow visualization
  6. Airflow direction test
  7. Temperature test
  8. Humidity test
  9. Recovery test
  10. Containment leak test