Office and Industrial Space Planning


From formal meeting rooms to silent rooms, ergonomic workstations and spacious canteens we can plan your space to meet all your criteria.

Modern well designed offices are made up of different functional zones. We believe that in the best designed offices one can flow seamlessly between the zones.

From social zones to meeting and training rooms it is important to match space to individual business requirements. Furnishing of these areas is also of great importance and our knowledge of the latest options is invaluable. We try to create an exceptional atmosphere by choosing suitable arrangements, colours and finishes for every space.

Our clients have recognised the need to create offices that meet their employees’ expectations. New generations of employees – Millennials or members of Generation Z – have different work behaviours and communication approaches, and we pride ourselves on finding new solutions that fulfil their requirements. This can enable our clients to attract talented new employees. A good work environment and corporate culture are essential for current and future employees.

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We specialise in both office and industrial space planning. Many projects involve a both manufacturing facility and an office. We are in the unique position to be able to deliver both.

Office Space Planning

Of course, to carry out their tasks, employees need much more than just a desk and a chair. It is worth encouraging them not only to stand up at a desk, but also to step away from it. This has a beneficial effect on their creativity, motivation and above all… their spine! It is increasingly important to avoid bad sitting habits and avoid the negative results of a sedentary lifestyle. We also try to inspire you to use the entire office – sofas, pouffes, phone booths and high tables, where you can work standing up.

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Industrial Space Planning

Industrial space planning is quite different from office space planning. We work with clients to design and build manufacturing facilities. These often include a mezzanine floors, cleanrooms and storage. The cost of the manufacturing plant is much more than the creation of the physical environment so the planning of the location and work flows is of the upmost importance. Our draughtsmen and engineering designers can manipulate location in real time.

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