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An Introduction to Cleanrooms and Clean Zones

Space Industries Limited offers a complete Cleanroom Design & Build solution to provide an enclosure and flooring along with all associated mechanical & electrical services.

The terms Cleanroom and Clean Zones are defined in the International Organization for Standarization (ISO) standard 14644 as:

A room within which the number concentration of airborne particles is controlled and classified, and which is designed, constructed and operated in a manner to control the introduction, generation and retention of particles inside the room.

Clean Zone:
A defined space within which the number concentration of airborne particles is controlled and classified, and which is constructed and operated in a manner to control the introduction, generation and retention of contaminants inside the space.

The class of airborne particle concentration is specified.

Levels of other cleanliness attributes such as chemical, viable or nanoscale concentrations in the air, and also surface cleanliness in terms of particle, nanoscale, chemical and viable concentrations might also be specified and controlled.
A clean zone(s) can be a defined space within a cleanroom or might be achieved by a separative device. Such a device can be located inside or outside a cleanroom.

Other relevant physical parameters might also be controlled as required, e.g. temperature, humidity, pressure, vibration and electrostatic.

The control, generation and retention of particles is achieved firstly, by supplying the room/zone with an exceptionally large quantity of air that has been filtered with high efficiency filters. This air is having two functions: to (1) dilute and remove the particles and bacteria dispersed from personnel and machinery within the room and, (2) to pressurise the room and ensure that no dirty air flows into the cleanroom. Secondly, a cleanroom is built with materials that do not generate particles and can be easily cleaned. Finally, cleanroom personnel use clothing that envelops them and minimises their dispersion of particles and micro-organisms. These and other similar measures that control the introduction, generation and retention of contamination in a cleanroom are discussed on this site.

Cleanrooms can also control the temperature, humidity, sound, lighting, electro-static discharge and vibration.

We understand that planning and installing Cleanrooms requires expertise and much higher level of quality than a standard construction project. It means working closely with clients and wider teams to ensure strict operational and sometimes regulatory compliance. Space Industries thrive in helping clients to get the technical details right.

Design Questions

Questions that need to be answered before your Cleanroom can be designed.

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Types of Cleanroom

Cleanrooms have evolved into two major types and they are differentiated by their method of ventilation.

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Cleanroom technology can be divided into three broad areas. These are as can also be seen to parallel the use of the technology as the cleanroom user moves from firstly deciding to purchase a room to finally operating it.

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ISO Standards

If a room is empty, a very low particle concentration can be achieved, this closely reflecting the quality of air supplied.

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A cleanroom requires the highest standards of construction than many other buildings.

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Cleanroom Elements

Probably the most popular types of cleanroom doors are made either from plastic covered wood, or faced with mild steel that is suitably treated and painted.

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Prior to Testing & Validation it is required to Commission the installation carrying out the following procedure checklist:

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Testing & Validation

Typically upon completion of construction & commissioning of Plant & Clean Room envelope –

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Finance Option

Many businesses already use leasing to finance cars, photocopiers, IT and telecoms equipment because it makes good financial sense.

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