Cleanroom Technology

As seen in the Diagram below, cleanroom technology can be divided into three broad areas. These are as can also be seen to parallel the use of the technology as the cleanroom user moves from firstly deciding to purchase a room to finally operating it.

Various parts of cleanroom technology and their interconnections


Firstly, it is necessary to design and construct the room. To do this one must consider (1) the design standards that should be used, (2) what design layout and construction materials can be used, and (3) how services should be supplied to the cleanroom.

Secondly, after the cleanroom has been installed and working, it must be tested to check that it conforms to the stipulated design. During the life of the cleanroom, the room must also be monitored to ensure that it continually achieves the standards that are required.

Finally, it is necessary to operate the cleanroom correctly so that the manufactured products are not contaminated. This requires that the entry of people and materials, the garment selection, cleanroom disciplines and the cleaning of the room are all correctly carried out.