Cleanroom Modular Partition Systems


Construction of a typical Clean Room envelope centres around first selecting the most suitable partition system. A ‘Monobloc’ Partition system offers the ability to fit ‘flushed in’ service points with connections routed & concealed within cavity whilst a ‘Bi-Panel’ Partition system provides the ability to access fully exposed integral services from the ‘dirty side’ without compromising Validation of the room.

Smooth faced ‘walk-on’ ceiling panels supported from structural steelwork are offered where access is provided to Mechanical & Electrical services from the ‘dirty side’ & a range of floor coverings to suit project specific applications are provided.

Precision C64

Precision C64 is a modular, steel monobloc partition system, facilitating speed of build using controlled factory-assembled units.

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Precision CX

Precision CX is a totally flexible and unique bi-panel partition system, giving designers and end-users greater choice than ever before.

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