Mezzanine Floor Design

Ideally buildings with eaves heights at around 6m or more provide the ideal opportunity to double your floor area by installing a mezzanine floor.

Mezzanine Floor Design Assumptions

Our quotation calculator assumes Standard Design Loading of;

  • 4.8 kN/m² (100lbs/sq.ft) UDL-  Imposed Load
  • 0.40 kN/m² UDL – Dead Load
  • 0.15 kN/m² UDL – Service Load (ceilings etc…)
Minimum Characteristic Imposed Loads
Workroom (without storage)
Canteens (but not kitchens)
Uniformly distributed
Proprietary lightweight partition
Concentrated load
Light storage Uniformly distributed
Concentrated load
Medium storage Uniformly distributed
Hand Pallett truck
Concentrated load
Heavy storage Uniformly distributed
Powered pallet trucks
Concentrated load

Note: The application of the concentrated load shall be in accordance with cl. 5.1.3 of BS6399: Part 1
The assumed area of the concentrated load shall be recorded in the Management Document

  • Topside decking – 38mm P6 “C” Grade HDPB (Class ‘O’ – Non fire resisting)
  • Steelwork designed as ‘Inset beam construction’ (i.e. decking joists cleated into the web of universal main beams to minimise floor section thickness).
  • Standard Paint Finish RAL 7024 (Graphite Grey) powder coat finish to stairs and landings, with gloss spray finish to columns and beams.

Stair Design

Careful consideration must be given to mezzanine staircase design. Please view the following section for full details: Mezzanine Staircases

Exposed Perimeter Protection

To every edge of mezzanine which is not going to abut the building perimeter walls – Edge Protection is required. This is provided by a 1100mm high hand and knee rail system with 33 diameter tubes finished in a powder coat finish to RAL 3000 (Red). The rails are supported by 50×50 RHS posts powder coated to RAL 7024 (Graphite Grey). Our guardrail system is enhanced with the addition of a unique ‘oval’ section toe plate that passes through the handrail post and is powder coated finished RAL 3000 (Red). This toe plate is designed to stop items rolling off the open edge of the mezzanine.

All guard-railing is designed to conform to Approved Document Part K 2013 (Section K2).

Fire Protection

Generally all mezzanines used for either Light Assembly or Office use (ie anything other than storage & where personnel are using) require the provision of Fire Protection to the entire underside of structure in the form of fire rated Suspended Ceiling, Column cladding to all upright columns & fascia/bulkhead to exposed perimeter edges. Our 600x1200mm ceiling grid & tiles are installed generally 75mm below underside of lowest steelwork. Tiles are white fissured pattern (non-clipped). Column cladding is assumed in our calculator as galvanised face. White PVC faced options available (suitable when offices below mezzanine). Fascia bulkhead similarly is allowed standard as galvanised but also available in white PVC facing.