Mezzanine – FAQs

1. What are the design restrictions for mezzanine floors?

There are no size, shape, number of floor levels or height restrictions as we offer an extensive range of floor loading options to suit most applications (all subject to local site conditions).

2. How long does the mezzanine floor installation process take from order to completion?

Typically as follows;

  • Week 1: Detailed site survey further to receipt of your order.
  • Week 2: Design and production of general arrangement (GA) drawing.
  • Week 3: Client approval of GA so enabling our generating of structural calculations. Submit Building Regulations.
  • Week 3-7: Submit & await Building Regulations approvals.
  • Weeks 8-12: Structural steel manufacture.
  • Week 12: Mezzanine installation commences on site (duration related to extent of works).

Note: If authorised to proceed in advance of Local Authority approval then overall timescale reduced to typically 4 weeks.

3. What happens about submitting Building Regulations?

In some circumstances our clients wish to submit a Building Regs Application themselves. We provide calculations & steelwork drawing. However usually we compile & submit on behalf of clients. We are an Approved Local Authority Building Control (LABC) Partner meaning we have one Building Inspector we work with for all projects throughout the UK to ensure applications run smoothly. We ask you to instruct us to proceed  as below;

  • A: Client to obtain Building Regs. Await approval confirmation prior to proceeding with manufacture.
  • B: As in ‘A’ above but proceed immediately with manufacture (at risk).
  • C: Space Industries to submit Building Regs. Await approval confirmation prior to proceeding with manufacture.
  • D: As in ‘C’ above but proceed immediately with manufacture (at risk).

4. What if I can only proceed with design at this stage?

Should it be known in principle that a mezzanine is required but capital approval is still to be put in place – we can offer to get things underway & proceed with site survey, detailed calculations & drawings plus submission for Local Authority Building Regulations Approval. This can then be in-hand when approval is received. Our typical cost for this service ranges £750 – £1,000 + VAT (excluding Building Regs Plan & Inspection fees passed on in addition). This fee is already included within our quoted price for mezzanine supplied & installed.

5. What about other associated works required?

For mezzanines used for purposes other than pure Storage use (& within 200 miles of London) we provide a full ‘fit out’ package when creating mezzanine Offices or mezzanine light assembly environments. We Design & Build associated partitions, ceilings, carpets, decorations, electrics etc (see our Office Fit Outs section). Often the scope of project is beyond the mezzanine area itself & we can increase our involvement up to a complete Building Refurbishment. With projects in excess of 200 miles from London we can still provide a full Design & Specifying service on the basis of client ‘contracting’ works locally themselves.

6. What kind of disruption can we expect?

Mezzanines are pre-fabricated to each project requirements. This enables rapid installation on site after careful pre-planning & detailing by our engineers. We are not usually ‘blessed’ with a cleared area & often have to construct over existing obstacles. Our Online Instant Quote assumes a cleared area but this can be ‘adjusted’ to suit local site realities! We will generally ask for an extent of clearance to be agreed but always remain realistic as to what we can reasonably expect you to clear. We’ve never been beaten yet in getting one in!

7. What detail do you require from us?

We would appreciate being provided with any record drawings you may have of your building with proposed mezzanine area marked on them. Details covering existing (& proposed if known) smoke detection, fire alarms & emergency lighting will be required to support our submitted Building Regulations application. Also we require details of your floor slab & sub-base. This is generally available from your landlords or builders. Alternatively you/we can organise a local contractor to carry out a core sample to confirm (usually less than £500). All this detail will be required.

8. How can we help with installation?

We will confirm a plan prior to commencement. We will need to clarify if we can use your forklift & if suitable (otherwise we need to hire one in). Also we need to ensure continued access with you working ahead of us to clear areas & communicate with local departments. Let us know if we can use your skip for waste otherwise we can hire in & charge on. Give us details of any other contractors involved in the project so we can all ‘sing from the same hymn sheet’!