Mezzanine Building Regulations

The relevant statutory requirements applicable to the UK for Mezzanine Floors are as follows:

The Building Regulations 2010 (England and Wales) with 2013 Updates

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government publishes guidance called ‘Approved Documents’ on ways to meet building regulations with the following being particularly relevant to mezzanine installations:

  • Part A – Structural Requirements
  • Part B – Fire Safety
  • Part K – Protection from falling, collision and impact
  • Part M – Access to and use of buildings

Other design parameters can also be used to provide compliant design solutions, such as the BS (British Standards) design.

The Building (Scotland) Act 2003 in conjunction with The Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004 with amendments 2010

The Scottish Government publishes Building Standards technical handbooks which provide guidance on achieving the standards set in the Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004 with the following sections being particularly relevant to mezzanine installations

  • Section 1 – Structure
  • Section 2 – Fire
  • Section 4 – Safety

In some instances, the Town & Country Planning Act is also relevant, though planning permission is not required for most mezzanine installations.