Mezzanine Floors – is it right for your business in the new (COVID-19) normal? 

Right now, despite COVID-19 or in some cases due to COVID-19, your premises may need to create extra space to accommodate not only effective social distancing but also storage, co-working group spaces, machinery, apparatus and hardware. Imagine the benefits a mezzanine floor could bring to your building – a way to modify your existing space rather than investing in new premises.

The extra space from mezzanine flooring could allow you to quickly and economically create additional floor space for offices, storage, and cleanrooms.

You might even use an additional floor to display your products, store materials, or connect existing floors with a walkway or infill. Here we’ve listed some of the top benefits for installing a mezzanine floor:

  1.  Maximise space

    Have you noticed that you are working in a cramped environment that may even be a risk to the health and safety of your workers? Do you want to maximise or increase your storage or production space without moving premises? If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions, then you’ll know how important it is to increase space as your business grows.

    Mezzanine floors are easy to fit into a building with a clear height of approximately five metres or more. We can design floors to merge creatively with the structure of your building: offering full or partial coverage.

  2. Improve the working environment

    Are you keen to give your workforce a dedicated area away from machinery, where they can work in a comfortable temperature with less noise? Mezzanine floors offer a completely different floor within a building – with partitions, so that employees can benefit from working within a closed environment, away from any industrial noise.

  3. Improve your customers’ experience

    Do you have a showroom? Would you like to have customers browsing through samples in your comfortable new reception area? Offering ample space to showcase your products can be achieved with a mezzanine floor.

  4. Cheaper than expansion

    A mezzanine floor will save you money, time and inconvenience. The costs of moving your business to a larger building are notoriously high, compared with the much lower cost of installing a mezzanine floor. Once our surveyor has measured your building, your technical quotation will give you a more accurate price.

    You can be confident that your floor will be designed to your budget. Space Industries are one of the UK’s leading mezzanine suppliers with over 30 years’ experience. We can design and install partitioning, lighting, electrics, the supply and installation of air conditioning, furnishing, decoration, storage solutions and flooring.

  5. Help to maintain social distancing in the workplace

    The main reason, and perhaps the most obvious benefit of installing a mezzanine floor, is the amount of additional space it provides for businesses, units, warehouses and other communal spaces. In these uncertain times, COVID-19 has forced us to become familiar with the new normal – and this means social distancing, now at the workplace. This can prove difficult in cramped areas. A mezzanine floor can provide extra workspaces, such as much needed meeting rooms and storage space. It can also offer additional communal areas, where multiple members of staff are required to work together in close proximity – now with more room.

    Mezzanine floors create more space, allowing work colleagues to safely keep their distance – meaning fewer incidents, giving all members of staff peace of mind.

How else can Space Industries Help?

Support with Building Control

Although not always required, when a Building Regulations application is needed, we can prepare all the paperwork and submit it on your behalf.

Economical Costs

As one of the country’s leading mezzanine suppliers with over 30 years’ experience, you can be confident that your floor will be designed to your particular budget.

Achieve Savings

A mezzanine floor will save you money, time and inconvenience. For example, think of all the costs associated with moving your business to a larger building and then compare those with the cost of a mezzanine floor.  Our floors win hands down!  Once our surveyor has measured your premises, our technical quotation will provide an accurate price that you can rely on.

Quality Control

We supervise and check every stage of the process in-house. This ensures that we can offer you a guarantee of quality in our finished product, resulting in an attractive and practical solution.

Customer Service

Rest assured that we would take the time to learn about your business needs and the way you work before we make any further plans.  We can then communicate clearly at all times and work together as a team, to get your project finished to your ultimate and complete satisfaction.

Considerate Installation

We will always work around you and your business, in a way that minimises disruptions – so that the mezzanine is completed in the most efficient way.

Project Management

Our skilled team knows how to manage your project and can offer a complete solution that suits you. This means you can leave the whole project to us, from design to installation and beyond.

Interested in a mezzanine floor?

Social distancing is extremely important in these extraordinary times – and mezzanine floors provide that much-needed extra space for members of staff. As well as maximising space, the installation of a mezzanine floor can also improve your office-working environment and customer experience, and could certainly be a cheaper alternative to an office move.

Try our Mezzanine quote calculator to find out how much you could save.

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