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We often get asked questions about Mezzanines, their uses and what considerations should be made before starting a project. To help we thought we’d compile some of the regular ones here.

“If I have a mezzanine floor, will there be lots of columns underneath?”

Not necessarily!   

We can design your mezzanine floor with your precise business needs in mind.  If you need a wide span between the columns, we can increase the beams’ capacity to support the floor and give you more open space beneath.


“What can I use my mezzanine floor for?”

Your floor can be designed to suit whatever you want to use it for – for example, office accommodation, production or storage – and load capacity can be increased in specific areas to enable you to store exceptionally heavy machinery or pallets.  Space Industries have designed mezzanine floors for over thirty years and we love a challenge!  


“What equipment will you need to install my mezzanine floor?”

To allow for off-loading and installation of the floor, we need the uninterrupted use of a forklift truck and, occasionally, a scissor lift.  We will also require the use of a skip for the removal of unused components and waste.

We can provide this equipment but realise that you may prefer to provide these facilities yourselves, thereby saving money.

The cost of safety netting is included in our quotation, as has temporary edge protection.  


“How will my staff and building be protected in the event of a fire?”

Building Regulations specify when and how mezzanine floors should be protected “against the risk of fire.   The decision on whether to have fire protection is based on a number of factors and our expert team can advise you on the best options. 


“How will I know how many staircases I need?”

Linked to fire protection, there are Regulations specifying the minimum travel distance – the distance people have to go to escape.  You can be sure that the advice you get from us will be correct.  We are partnered with a local authority Building Control team, who can provide good will advice on these and other issues.


“What is edge protection?”

Some floors cover the whole of the building footprint and there are no exposed edges.  However, other floors may only cover part of the available footprint.  The resulting exposed edge would require a handrail, to prevent people or items falling onto the floor below.  

In retail or office environments, you could choose a feature handrail which would be aesthetically pleasing as well as providing the necessary health and safety protection.


“How long will my project take?”

We will take your brief and give you a lead time from approval of drawings to delivery of your finished floor.  Your quotation can be based on working during the normal working day or outside that, depending on the needs of your business.  For example, we have installed a mezzanine floor for a courier company, in the building where they park their delivery vans.  For them, installing the mezzanine in normal working hours was ideal, as their vans were out on the road.  For other companies, working at weekends, or when their offices or shops close, minimises the impact on their business.


“What is CE Mark Compliance?”

It is a legal requirement for any fabricated structural steelwork (this includes a Mezzanine Floor and Accessories) supplied to a site to carry a CE mark.  CE marking is the responsibility of the party bringing structural steelwork to the market (i.e. your Mezzanine Floor provider and their supply chain). You must check that your mezzanine floor provider is suitably certified

We are proud to confirm that our supply partner has completed an intense audit by BM TRADA (a world leader in Certification) of their management and factory production processes and have CE certification, in accordance with the requirements of EN 1090, the Technical Standard applicable to fabricated structural steelwork.

All of our customers have the assurance that all Mezzanine Floors supplied by Space Industries Limited satisfy the statutory requirements of the Construction Products Regulation. With our trading partner’s CE mark certification, we are market leaders in the provision of compliant mezzanine floors and associated fabricated steelwork.


“Why should I choose Space Industries to install my mezzanine floor?”

Space Industries Limited is driven by a passion to provide our clients with an excellent service. We will work in partnership with you, with the aim of bringing your project in on time and to budget.  Our goals are to understand the circumstances in which your business operates, take account of the factors that may impact on your decisions and tailor our services specifically to your requirements. 

Our clients value us because we recognise that everything we do in connection with our work will be and should be measured against the highest possible standards.  This commitment helps us hire the best people, build high quality products and attract loyal customers.

We have the necessary expertise and skills to complete your project to a high standard and to your specific requirements.  Our flexibility and experience in project management enable us to provide a responsive, customer-focused service at all times.

Finally, apart from the accreditations mentioned below, we also have Constructionline status, which saves our clients time and effort in assessing our suitability as a supplier.  Our company details, financial records, health and safety processes and procedures, insurance and company policies have been vetted and approved by Constructionline, giving our clients the reassurance of a high quality service.


“I’ve seen the CHAS logo on your website – what does that mean?”

CHAS stands for the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme.  Space Industries is proud to be CHAS accredited, because it demonstrates the quality of the way we organise our work in terms of health and safety.


“What are the Construction Design & Management Regulations 2015?”

These Regulations impose legal duties upon virtually everyone involved in a construction project, including you, the client. Failing to observe the Regulations could result in serious penalties being levied by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

The HSE website provides excellent guidance summarising the various roles and their respective duties under the Regulations here: http://www.hse.gov.uk/construction/cdm/2015/responsibilities.htm 

We usually assume that our appointment would be as a designer and contractor within the meanings of the CDM Regulations.


“What does your price include?”

When you receive a quotation from us, we will clearly show what the price includes.  In most cases, it will cover:

  • Site survey
  • Design, supply, delivery and installation of the mezzanine floor
  • The generation of structural calculations and steelwork general arrangement drawings
  • Other requested elements of your project, such as fire protection, fire detection, formation of offices, decoration, flooring, power and lighting, etc
  • Optional items, such as preparation and submission of a Building Regulations application, provision of site hire equipment, etc.


“Do you offer a finance option?”

Yes.  You might like to consider our mezzanine finance option, which will help you budget effectively and make the best of your tax position.  We can give you illustrative monthly payments for three- or five-year contracts.


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